About Us



Barry Uden grew up in post-war England, on the south coast of Kent. As a boy, he often found large quantities of exotic timbers washed up on the shore near his home from boats caught in storms along the English Channel. “It was while visiting my Grandfather’s workshop that I first became aware of my interest in making things from wood,” he remembers. His love of wood continued to grow throughout his life, and he worked for several years as a cabinet maker. Barry eventually bought a wood lathe and over the past 20 years has honed his abilities.


He also runs a sawmill business, salvaging urban timber from trees that are being removed and those that come down in storms, wood that would otherwise end up in a fireplace or garbage dump. His excitement is contagious as he explains, “you never know what you’ll find when you mill a log: it’s like opening up an oyster!” Barry’s eye for shape enables him to reveal the beauty of the wood while shaping it into an elegant piece of art that will bring pleasure to its owner for years to come. His work has been sold in England and America, and has won many awards in both countries.





Laura Uden grew up in California, but spent her summers in the Texas countryside with her grandparents. Her grandfather taught her woodworking skills. When she was six years old, she and her cousins helped their grandparents build a log cabin in the "piney woods" of East Texas. Laura met Barry while studying in England, and she became interested in woodturning through watching Barry. He taught her to turn in 2006, and she's been enjoying the craft ever since, even winning some turning competitions.


Laura works full time as an engineer, but also photographs the products and maintains the website.